Our Approach

Our Vision

It is our vision that one day there will exist communities in which all people with developmental disabilities are accepted and included in the day to day activities of their communities through valued relationships, meaningful work and respected roles as community members.

Our Story

Our Mission

We are a group of people who have joined together to educate, empower and support people with developmental disabilities to realize their life options as well as support them to carry out their personal goals.  We work with our customers, their friends and families to create safe, welcoming communities to achieve this goal.

We are committed to creating communities where all people are valued, accepted and respected for their unique contributions to those communities.

Philosophy and Values:

  • The Individual will have control over participation in all services
  • We will always look at the person first and the disability second
  • We will focus on education for the individual and their family's support system
  • The community is the environment where all people should live, work and play
  • The fabric of social relationships supports individuals in their community

Our Goals:

  • Assist each individual to achieve their desired level of community involvement
  • Create awareness of the rights of people with developmental disabilities in communities
  • Integrate the principles of choice and community connections into all training and service delivery
  • Empower people to exercise and protect their rights
  • Treat each person as an individual, recognizing strengths and desires